DO More

We want to do more for local designers.

At present, we have either implemented or are planning several initiatives and activities through which Design Objective can support, educate and engage graphic designers and our wider community. Each of these highlights design’s importance to growth, value, and development.

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DO Talks

Open conversations on matters relevant to design in our local context, including best practices and negotiating client relationships.

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DO Books

A series of practical guides for designers in Trinidad and Tobago. Topics will include: pricing, contracts, and local resources.

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DO Archive

A digital archive that aids in collecting and compiling culturally relevant, historical and important works of graphic designers.

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DO Learn

Research and writings about design in Trinidad and Tobago – from thoughts on rebranding local state institutions to thematic presentations.

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DO Socials

Whether games nights, drinks, or a focus on design themed films, our socials help to foster a supportive design community.